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Expert New York Estate & Trust Lawyers: Helping You Navigate Complex Legal Matters

At Kaplan Advisors, our team of estate and probate attorneys in Hollywood, FL is committed to delivering top-tier legal support to individuals and families across the state. We recognize the intricate and sensitive nature of estate and probate issues, and therefore, we provide customized assistance and specialized solutions crafted to address your specific requirements.




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Chorissa Haydin, CA

"Kaplan Advisors' expertise and professionalism have been consistently impressive. Their attention to detail and dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for their clients are truly commendable."

Josh Rincones, NY

"Kaplan Advisors has helped with the process of the will for our daughter and other family members. Elaborated on every inch of detail and very professional."

Jay Lofland, MI

"Based on my experiences, I would not hesitate to engage Kaplan Advisors again for any future legal needs. I highly recommend Kaplan Advisors to anyone seeking reliable and effective legal representation, particularly in real estate matters."

Estate & Probate Law Services

Estate Planning Lawyers

Our team of estate planning lawyers is dedicated to assisting you in preparing for the future and safeguarding of your assets. Whether it's crafting wills and trusts or offering guidance on tax and retirement strategies, we possess the expertise to develop a personalized estate plan that suits your individual requirements and situation.

Probate Lawyers

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is already challenging, and navigating the intricate probate process only adds to the burden. Our team of probate lawyers is dedicated to guiding you through each phase, from filing essential documents to overseeing estate assets and dispersing inheritances. We're committed to honoring your loved one's wishes and striving to make the process as seamless and stress-free as we can.

Estate & Trust Administration

Managing an estate or trust can seem overwhelming, but our estate & trust administration team is here to provide support. With our expertise, we can handle every facet of estate and trust administration, from asset management to tax planning and asset distribution to beneficiaries. Rest assured, with our guidance, you can trust that the administration process will be carried out with precision and effectiveness.



Successful Formation of Non-profit and Business in Phoenix, Arizona

A client sought our assistance in establishing a nonprofit (501c3) for their charitable endeavor. They were uncertain about whether to establish a business concurrently to support the non-profit. We provided them with a comprehensive strategy that fostered the success of both entities, handled the necessary paperwork, and supported them in launching their operations. Both the non-profit and the supporting business are flourishing as a result.



The complexity of this case laid in translating our client's vision into two distinct legal entities: One focused on profit and the other dedicated to charitable endeavors. We had to:

  • Define the initial Board of Directors, articulate the mission statement, and outline the vision for the charitable organization;

  • Determine the products and services to be provided by the limited liability company (LLC); and

  • Ensure seamless collaboration between the LLC and 501c3, adhering to all relevant tax laws, rules, and regulations.


  • Established a 501c3 for the charitable foundation

  • Successfully obtained tax-exempt status from both NYS and the IRS

  • Created bylaws for the charity and selected an initial Board of Directors

  • Established an Advisory Council composed of the founding members

  • Established an LLC for the profit-oriented business

  • Developed an Operating Agreement for the LLC

  • Prepared Independent Contractor Agreements for the initial staff

  • Drafted a service contract between the LLC and the 501c3


We effectively designed a robust legal structure for the client, enabling them to market their products and services to customers and generate income for charitable donations supporting the foundation's mission. The symbiotic relationship between the entities grants our client the flexibility to bolster the profitable arm during financial downturns and to strengthen the charitable side when grants and donations increase. This setup ensures our client's enduring success and mitigates the risk of the charity closing due to financial constraints.

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